Rachel Maddow: Trump Is Quarterbacking A National GOP Crime Scandal

Rachel Maddow showed that Trump is leading the Republican Party through a national crime scandal.

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Maddow said after pointing out that state Republican officials in Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada are all facing criminal charges related to Trump’s attempted coup, “I know him being on trial for multiple felonies is an amazing and unprecedented and frankly astonishing spectacle. But stick a pin in that idea of astonishing. Because the crime he is alleged to have quarterbacked, to try to keep himself in power despite losing an election, that crime is now a sprawling nationwide scandal that has resulted in dozens of Republican officials, in almost all of the swing states, being criminally charged and in all of the prominent lawyers involved in that effort, either being criminally charged or having their law licenses put at risk or both.”


Maddow brought up the point that almost everyone seems to miss. Trump is the quarterback of team GOP crime, but the party has been brought along with him. This means that the Republican Party itself is now a criminal operation at the federal, state, and even local levels.

Donald Trump is the headliner of the crime wave, but there is a whole touring company allegedly committing crimes by his side.

No one should believe that if Trump went away tomorrow, the Republican Party would return to normal. The GOP has its party DNA mutated in the image of Trump. Crime is a part of who they are now, and getting rid of the source will not make the infection completely disappear.

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