Red Ballet Flats Are the Simple Way to Add a Pop of Pizzazz to Any Outfit

Two of the biggest fashion trends right now are ballet flats and the color red. So, why not both? Red ballet flats are this year’s simple fashion trick to spice up everyday (even boring) looks.

Among grays, blues, and blacks, which have become our basics regardless of trends, street style fashion invites us to dare with color—small brushstrokes to make our outfits pop. For us, red is definitely our favorite color to do this with.

Although you may be afraid to try red ballet flats out of fear of looking too much like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, its easy to avoid that look with some simple styling. These ballet flats are the true antidote to boredom.

The latest icon to wear flaming-red ballet flats is model Taylor Hill, who was just snapped in an off-duty look loaded with coolness last week. Her very “normcore” denim jumpsuit was accented by a jeweled belt and the crisscrossed flat shoes, which are an Alaïa model and currently sold out.

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Here are some outfit ideas with red ballet flats:

1: Red ballet flats and red tights

As we have already seen in the fall and winter, tights are the protagonists of new contemporary looks. Far from looking dated in an ’80s way, the idea is to revisit classic looks through a brushstroke of color, which in this case is scarlet red.

ballerine rosse

Marianne Theodorsen

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2: Red ballet flats paired with plaid tartan

Tartan is no longer an autumn-slash-winter pattern. Designers are offering it 365 days a year thanks to its distinctive character. If darker shades, such as English green and midnight blue, are perfect during shorter days, cooler declinations of the check, like light blue, yellow, pink, and red, are popping up in the spring and summer.

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