Rep. Ted Lieu Points To The Epstein Files And Urges Trump To Drop Out

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) told the media that Trump should drop out of the presidential race and referenced the disturbing revelations in the Epstein files.


Rep. Lieu said at a press conference:

So like Chairman Aguilar said we hear a lot from our constituents on different issues, but something I’ve heard that doesn’t seem to be being covered are the Epstein files. These files were released and like Donald Trump sort of all over this, right? There are pictures of him with Jeffrey Epstein.

He’s taken multiple plane flights with Epstein with young girls on board. He is in call logs with Epstein. One of the highest trending hashtags on Twitter right now is about Trump and Epstein. I’m not going to repeat the hashtag because we’re in a dignified setting. But yeah, y’all might want to look at that because that’s highly disturbing.

And again, it shows that Donald Trump is unfit for office. And by the way, he was convicted in a civilian court for sexual assault, convicted in a separate court of 34 felonies. Donald Trump should drop out of the race.

Although, Trump is not charged with or accused of any crime, his name is also the Epstein files as it relates to a child sex trafficking ring. For any other politician, this would be a fatal moment, but the media refuses to cover Trump and Epstein, in part because Trump hasn’t been charged with a crime, but also because the press has become completely desensitized to Trump criminality no matter how heinous that they either ignore or normalize it.

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