Ride across the cosmos with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on Steam, just $23.99

Are you a fan of superhero adventures and engaging storytelling? Better yet, are you a Guardians of the Galaxy superfan? Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy drops players into the unpredictable and often chaotic universe of the Guardians. Even more enticing, the game is price-dropped to $23.99 (reg. $59).

By utilizing Star-Lord’s blasters and jet boots in combination with the unique abilities of each Guardian, the game’s combat system allows for strategic gameplay and explosive action at every turn. This fresh, standalone story also isn’t tied directly to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, giving players a unique perspective on the Guardians’ universe and unexpected twists. 

Every choice you make in the game shapes the story, your relationships with quirky characters, and the outcomes of missions add extra excitement to the gameplay. The game’s visually striking environments, detailed character models, and spectacular effects create an immersive experience that you can savor while bonding with your off-beat Guardian family


True to the Guardians’ spirit, the game balances humor with heartfelt moments, capturing the essence of the beloved characters. The branching dialogue and decision-making mechanics keep things fresh and exciting, letting you explore different story paths and ensuring you’ll want to play again and again.

Adding to the nostalgic and energetic vibe, the soundtrack is filled with classic ’80s hits, reflecting Star-Lord’s love for retro music, which has won the 2021 Best Soundtrack at the Stream Awards. It’s as rad as it gets!

IGN describes the game as the following: “Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is yet another convincing example of how much fun a linear, no-frills, single-player campaign can be.”

Grab Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on Steam and pay only $23.99 (reg. $59) without a coupon code. That’s less than half the price you’d pay regularly.

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