Rihanna Met Gala 2024: The Queen of the Met Is Reportedly Skipping For an Unexpected Reason

Rihanna’s Met Gala 2024, we barely knew ye. According to People, the Queen of the Met is skipping this year’s red carpet for an unexpected and totally bummer reason: she has the flu.

A source told the magazine exclusively that she cancelled last minute due to her illness, but had been planning to attend with her partner, A$AP Rocky. As they note, the star had even hinted what her look was going to be, saying it was “real simple.”

And now, we may never know what it looked like! Truly tragic!

RiRi does always make a, let’s just say, fashionably late entrance to the Gala though. So, maybe, she’s rallied and is on her way? We can dare to dream?

Sigh, okay. We definitely don’t want her there if she’s not feeling her best, she has two kids to raise and an empire to run, after all. She needs her rest.

Let’s console ourselves with a walk down memoRIH lane.

rihanna met gala

Rihanna’s now-iconic look during the 2015 Met GalaGetty Images

In case you aren’t familiar with the lore surrounding RiRi and the Met, just know that she is known for two things at fashion‘s biggest night: she always slays, and she is never on time.

But all the better to make an entrance, right? As she did last year, when she showed up in Valentino ensconced in a cocoon of white rosettes, complete with cat-eye sunglasses.

Rihanna Met Gala 2024 The Queen of the Met Is Reportedly Skipping For an Unexpected Reason

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