Salma Hayek Paired Her Baggy Silk Trousers With a Ludicrously Capacious Tote

Salma Hayek sleeps on silk bedsheets. I don’t know it for a fact but I know it in my heart. And when she wants to step out for a casual lunch with pals (in this case on November 12), she wears roomy silk pants and head-to-toe black like the elegant, sophisticated lady she is and we will never be.

Hayek paired her silk slacks and what looks like a matching bomber jacket with a plain but perfectly fitted T-shirt and her trusty chunky Jenna Lyons-esque glasses for a look that says, “I’m not trying to be noticed, but I’m not trying to not be noticed, and if you notice me, all you will see is how good I look.” She carried a large red bag you could fit a laptop or maybe gym clothes in, which is unusual for a star of her stature. Doesn’t she have people to hold her stuff? What state secrets does this Mary Poppins bag contain?


Proving that she can dress it up as well as she can dress it down, Hayek stepped out for the Baby2Baby Gala in WeHo the night before, having poured herself into a skintight Bottega Veneta sequined forest green gown with a bow at the collarbone that makes her look like a Christmas present in the absolute best way.

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