Satisfactory leaves early access after five years on Sept 10

Coffee Stain Studios revealed that its sim game Satisfactory is officially launching in version 1.0 on September 10. The game has been in early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store since March 2019, during which time it’s sold 5.5 million copies and received hundreds of updates. According to Coffee Stain, the 1.0 launch will feature a “heartwarming conclusion” to the early access story.

The open world factory building game received eight major updates in the last five years, with each one being based on extensive fan feedback, according to the studio. The new 1.0 update will also feature several new additions to gameplay, including, crucially, the ability to flush the HUB toilet. Coffee Stain revealed the 1.0 launch in a “Lo-Fi Satisfactory Vibes” livestream.

Coffee Stain is one of the entities that split from Embracer Group into a new entity called Coffee Stain & Friends. Satisfactory falls under the business’s Premium side, along with IP such as Deep Rock Galactic, Valheim and Goat Simulator.

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