Sen. Mike Lee Spreads False Rumor Of Biden Medical Emergency

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) spread a false rumor that Biden had a medical emergency on Friday night aboard Air Force One.

Lee posted:

There is were a few problems with this claim.

According to the White House pool report:

The motorcade stopped outside the president’s home in Wilmington at 7:50pm. Pool did not see the president.

On the way, the motorcade passed a handful of protestors with a banner that said “Free Palestine” and signs that said:
“You can’t repent for a genocide”
“Genocide is never justified”
“Denounce Israel’s war crimes”

Confirming from the last pool report: in response to a question about whether he would watch the interview, the president said “I will, yes.”

President Biden could not have been having a medical emergency aboard Air Force One, because the President was already at home in Wilmington. Biden wasn’t even on the plane.

However, a sitting US Senator had no qualms about posting misinformation about the health of the president.

There was no Biden medical emergency.

Republicans are now trying capitalize on Democratic hysteria with misinformation, which is why Democrats need to get it together, end their freakout, and get back to the business of winning the election.

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