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Showcase your team’s success: Enter the Inman Innovator Awards

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At Inman Connect Las Vegas, July 30-Aug. 1, 2024, the noise and misinformation will be banished, all your big questions will be answered, and new business opportunities will be revealed. Join us.

Since its inception, Inman’s industry-leading awards program has recognized greatness and achievement in every corner of the residential real estate industry. As a member of the Inman community, we extend a personal invitation for you to nominate outstanding individuals, teams, campaigns or companies for one of the most coveted awards in real estate — the Inman Innovator Awards.

Recognizing change-makers in real estate

The Inman Innovator Awards honor those who push boundaries and challenge the status quo. From entrepreneurs overturning old ways to data scientists reshaping how we understand market behaviors, from marketers reimagining property showcases to agents transforming client communications — the Innovator Awards celebrate those who drive our industry forward.

Why recognizing your team matters

In a field as competitive as real estate, acknowledging the hard work and innovative solutions of your team is crucial. These awards not only validate their efforts but also enhance your brokerage’s stature, attracting new talent and clients. They foster a culture where creativity and innovation are rewarded, encouraging others to contribute transformative ideas.

Nominate proactively

Show your appreciation by nominating team members who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, leadership or impact. This act of recognition not only celebrates their achievements but also motivates the entire team to aspire to excellence.

Celebrate publicly

Utilize nominations and awards as opportunities to enhance your team’s and company’s public profiles. Announcing these accolades in meetings, through press releases, and on social media raises your visibility and showcases your commitment to excellence.

Drive industry innovation

By participating in the Inman Innovator Awards, you contribute to setting new benchmarks in the industry. Encourage your team to aim for categories that reflect their strengths, from groundbreaking marketing campaigns to innovative uses of technology like AI and video.

The categories for nomination are:

  • Innovator of the Year (individual or individuals)
  • Company of the Year
  • Most Innovative Agent
  • Most Innovative Team
  • Most Innovative Brokerage
  • Most Innovative Marketing or Branding Campaign
  • Most Innovative Marketing Solution
  • Most Innovative Lead Servicing Solution
  • Most Innovative Client Experience Solution
  • Most Innovative Application of AI
  • Most Innovative Use of Video
  • Most Innovative Industry Podcast
  • Most Innovative Organization (MLS, Association, Industry)

Don’t miss the chance to highlight your team’s success and inspire the entire real estate community.

Nominations are open until May 17, 2024. All you need are the name, title, company and email of the person or company you are nominating, along with a 500-word (or less) explanation of what makes them great.

Winners will be celebrated at Inman Connect Las Vegas, July 31-Aug. 1, 2024.

Nominate now to celebrate the best in our community.

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