Simone Biles Can Count Taylor Swift Among Her Millions Of Fans

The two women have a lot in common. They’re both at the top of their respective games at an age when others might have counted them out (at 27, Biles is the oldest American woman to make the Olympic team since the ’50s), and both are partnered up with NFL players (Simone Biles is married to Jonathan Owens and Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce…you may have heard…). But most of all, they’re both workaholics who love what they do. Swift is on the second year of her marathon Eras Tour, while Biles is in Paris to prove…everything.

“Nobody’s forcing me to do it,” Biles told the press after securing her spot on the team, per ABC. “I wake up every day and choose to grind in the gym and come out here and perform for myself. Just to remind myself that I can still do it.”

“I feel like success is just what I make it,” she added. “I feel like right now I’ve been successful…competing at Olympic trials and making the Paris Olympic team. So then we’ll see from there on out.” We are so very ready for it.

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