Stormy Daniels Is Giving Details And Humiliating Trump In Court

Donald Trump claims that the affair with Stormy Daniels never happened, but Daniels is in court providing details.

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Here is how it is going down:

Earlier Judge Merchan ruled that Daniels could give basic details about their encounter:

This is terrible for Trump, and terrible for the Republican Party.

Even without going into graphic details, the Daniels testimony is humiliating for Trump, and is something that will follow Trump and his party around for the remainder of the 2024 campaign. It really doesn’t get much worse than an adult performer detailing her night with the man who is the face of the Republican Party who the GOP thinks is fit to serve in the White House.

Absolutely, none of this will matter to Trump’s most loyal supporters and the party that has sold itself out to him.

All indications are that the 2024 presidential election could be close so it is those voters who not deeply committed to Biden or Trump that could be most swayed by this sort of testimony.

Voters need to ask themselves if they want a man back in the White House who is such an embarrassment to the nation that he is a defendant in a criminal trial and having his encounter with an adult entertainer discussed in open court.

My, how far the former party of Lincoln, Ike, and Reagan has fallen.

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