String Furniture’s Center Center Pieces Together Like LEGO Bricks for the Workspace

String Furniture’s catalog of modular wall and floor-mounted shelving systems are known for their versatility within a home setting. Their airy and contemporary shelves allow for a mix and match approach that can almost feel like a grown-up game of LEGO, allowing owners to create systems catering specifically to their needs and space. The Scandinavian brand’s newest project Center Center is the result of a partnership with international design studio, Form Us With Love (FUWL). Unveiled at 3daysofdesign, the modular furniture system takes aim at delivering that same level of adaptable space organization, but this time for the workplace.

A modular, green storage unit from the String Furniture X FUWL Center collection is composed of blocks and is placed near a minimalist black chair in front of a white brick wall in a modern, sparsely furnished workspace.

The landscape of modern office design is one defined by open floor plans paired hopefully with functional adaptability. And for this goal Center Center was designed to prioritize flexibility and collaboration. Multifunctional modular systems are by no means anything new, but Center Center’s approach folds in a degree of autonomy, allowing its users to shape their workspace with aesthetics and functionality equally.

A minimalist room with white brick walls features various beige modular String Furniture pieces, including tables, chairs, and storage units, all arranged on a gray concrete floor.

Center Center’s brilliance lies in its modularity. Composed of individual modules, the system’s components offer a platform that can be configured into an array of solutions suitable for offices, homes, and communal spaces. These modules operate both vertically and horizontally, allowing for a multitude of creative configurations. The minimalist design of Center Center ensures it complements any space, enhancing functionality without compromising on style.

A modular orange storage unit by String Furniture X FUWL Center stands against a white brick wall, filled with books and accessories. A red cushioned chair and a matching bench are positioned nearby on the concrete floor, making for an efficient workspace furniture arrangement.

Blue modular cabinets and an office chair on wheels enhance this workspace furniture in a room with a white brick wall and gray floor, featuring the sleek design of String Furniture X FUWL Center.

A minimalist workspace featuring yellow perforated String Furniture, including a chair, a cabinet, shelves, and a side table, against a white brick wall and a large window.

“Static storage is a relic of the past,” assert John Löfgren and Jonas Pettersson of Form Us With Love. “Center Center challenges this notion by evolving with the user’s needs, both present and future. It empowers interior designers to customize spaces and craft configurations tailored to their clients’ desires.”

A minimalistic, white, perforated metal shelf unit from String Furniture X FUWL Center is set against a white brick wall, with books neatly arranged on the shelves and a window in the background. This elegant piece makes an ideal addition to any workspace furniture collection.

Crafted in Sweden with precise industrial techniques, Center Center features thin sheet metal perforated in a 50x50x50mm grid. This constructivist pattern infuses the design with a sophisticated, industrial aesthetic. A range of functional accessories, such as doors, shelves, legs, castors, trays, handles, and hooks, further enhances the system’s versatility.

Available in six sizes and eight contemporary hues – including Ultramarine, Light Grey, Chrome Green, Sulphur Yellow, Oyster White, Pompeii Red, Black, and White – these modules can be endlessly combined. Bespoke color options are also available, ensuring exact matches for any design vision.

A modern, minimalist bookshelf from String Furniture X FUWL Center with several gray books neatly arranged on it. A round container holding rolled-up paper is placed on the top shelf, making it an ideal piece for workspace furniture.

A minimalist shelving unit from the String Furniture X FUWL Center collaboration, featuring a perforated metal design and holding a gray box with books, a tape dispenser, and other office supplies. The unit stands against a white brick wall backdrop, enhancing your workspace furniture.

“Our aim is to provide a system for the unimaginable,” explain Löfgren and Pettersson. “We want to empower designers and creative specifiers to fully unleash their creativity and explore the endless possibilities this storage solution offers. Whether organizing an office, a home, or a public space, Center Center meets the demands of contemporary life.”

Modern office space with String Furniture X FUWL Center workspace furniture, featuring two white desks, white chairs, and silver shelving units against a white brick wall. Shelves hold various office supplies and books. Natural light enters through a nearby window.

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