Taylor Swift Just Posted a Cryptic 1989 Vault Clue That's Going to Keep Me Up Tonight

She didn’t do one for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) for reasons unknown, but anyway. After previously announcing the upcoming release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version), Swift took to Instagram on Tuesday, September 19, to drop a blue vault with seagull animations, the general aesthetic of the 1989 album cover and era. Since she’s already said that there are five “from the vault” tracks coming our way, I of course expected five jumbled-up titles, but that’s not what we got. Instead, the letters (and punctuation) are, in order-ish: T, “, S, U, !, “, L.

There are two words she could be spelling and they are LUST! and SLUT!

Frankly, I’m thrilled we could be getting a song with either title, but does this post mean she’s going to be releasing four more vaults with the other track titles? How intense is this album cycle going to be, exactly? 1989 (Taylor’s Version) drops next month, so we don’t have long to wait, but…damn!

The other possibility is that the five tracks start with T, S, L, and !, respectively, and the quotation marks are just there for funsies. I personally really hope she has a song called “Lust” or “Slut” because you know they’d go so hard.

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