Taylor Swift Runs Into Travis Kelce’s Arms For a Kiss After Argentina Eras Tour Concert

Taylor Swift is in her rom-com era.

With Travis Kelce in the Eras Tour audience on November 11, Swift pulled out all the stops, from singing their unofficial theme song “End Game” during the acoustic set to changing the lyrics of “Karma” to “Karma is that guy on the Chiefs running straight home to me.” However, the most romantic moment of the evening came when Swift was the one doing the running.

Though Kelce enjoyed most of the concert in Argentina from the comfort of the VIP tent (you can see him jamming out here), he made his way to the back of the stage sometime after blowing Swift a kiss during “Karma.” How do I know this? Well, fans captured video footage of Swift waving to the audience as she made her exit…until she spotted the football player waiting in the wings and ran straight into his arms for a kiss. Talk about a movie moment. Here’s another angle.

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Isn’t it crazy how much can change in just seven months? As one X.com user tweeted, “She started this tour with a breakup and she’s now on top of the world, happy in love and feeling comfortable being open about her happiness.”

Taylor Swift split from actor Joe Alwyn in April after the actor allegedly “struggled” with her level of fame following the pandemic. Little did she know that two-time Super Bowl winner Travis Kelce would be attending one of her concerts in July and spend the next few months shooting his shot.

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