Tequila (JULIO), the new SOL meme coin launching next week

  • Tequila (JULIO) will launch on July 10, from Jalisco to Solana with love
  • Total supply is 100,000,000, with 90% set for the fair launch and 10% for marketing.
  • JULIO will list on Raydium at launch, with centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs) to follow.

Tequila is one of the world’s most popular distilled liquors, enjoyed by many amid unforgettable fun-filled moments and nights. This celebration comes to Solana via the newest alcohol-themed meme coin – Tequila (JULIO).

From Mexico’s agave fields to the world, JULIO arrives on July 10, 2024.

Are you a meme coin enthusiast and tequila aficionado? Get an early glimpse at the future of meme coins on the official website.

Here’s what to know about Tequila (JULIO) ahead of launch.

What is JULIO?

In 2024, Mexico has so far exported over 401 million liters of Tequila, with total revenue expected to exceed $32 billion by the end of the year.

Tequila (JULIO) is a new meme coin that seeks to combine this growth potential and bring the fun to crypto. It’s where fiestas will marry opportunity, launching nights to remember.

Inspired by Mexico’s finest, Tequila is the meme coin that will honor tradition while inspiring daring enthusiasts to experience the adventure of meme-driven crypto.

Tequila will be a fair launch

On July 10, Tequila will launch with 90% of the 100 million supply available. It’s a fair launch, which means there’s no presale or other allocations. Only 10% of JULIO will be reserved for the important ecosystem role of juicing Tequila’s marketing.

What this means is the fair distribution awaits and tokens will enter price discovery as they land on the open market.

Listed on Raydium

In recent weeks, savvy investors have turned peanuts into life-changing money with key meme coin purchases. Arkham highlighted two such investors this week, with a Solana trader turning $1.61 into $1.6k by buying DADDY as it launched on Raydium. Another trader turned $1.38 to $10.7k.  

JULIO will list on Raydium, the Solana-based DEX and automated market maker (AMM) and liquidity provider. On the platform, one can swap and trade tokens, as well be a liquidity provider. This is the first platform to list JULIO when it goes live next week.

Tequila (JULIO) roadmap

The Tequila roadmap has four development phases: Agave plating, distillation, aging and bottling. Phase 1 will include the JULIO fair launch, marketing and listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Phase three will see Tequila target CEX listings, including tier 1 exchanges as well as launch tequila themed-parties.

In the last phase, with JULIO likely dominating the meme coin market, the project will embark on expanding the meme coin’s utility, launch a layer 3 platform and unveil the Tequila spirit. The project will have the spirit paid for exclusively via the native $JULIO token.

The wrap up

Meme coins have recently mirrored struggles in the crypto market. However, a new meme cycle is upon the ecosystem and alcohol-themed tokens are the new trend. Tequila (JULIO) is launching just when these meme coins are set to flip the current momentum.

If you would like to discover more about Tequila, visit their website.

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