The 6 best player-team fits in the 2024 NFL Draft so far

Everyone knows that player talent is only part of the equation when it comes to the NFL Draft. The far bigger piece of the puzzle is how these rookies fit with the team that drafted them, and that can be the biggest predictor of future success.

We’ve seen immensely talented players have their careers snuffed out by landing in the wrong city. Conversely there are guys who were narrow, single-trait prospects who became stars by playing for teams that know how to use them. When you’re able to combine these two elements together, that’s when something very special happens, and here are my favorite player-team fits from the first three rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Dallas Turner, DE — Minnesota Vikings

This was one of the best picks in the first round, and it’s also just an incredible fit. The Vikings sank some serious draft capital into moving up to get the consensus top pass rusher, but goodness is he worth it.

There’s some Travon Walker here if you’re looking for a comparison. Turner is an athletic freak who needs some serious work on his puss rushing tools, but the man is simply a weapon. Now he ends up with a defensive coordinator in Brian Flores who can take a ballpoint pen can kill a person with it. Flores is a genius at putting trait players in positions they can succeed, and it’s for this reason I don’t expect it will be a long, developmental journey for Dallas Turner. I think he can win right now.

Quinyon Mitchell, CB — Philadelphia Eagles

Another instance of Philadelphia finding absolute ballers where they shouldn’t be able to, Quinyon Mitchell is going to be a beast in this defense. A corner with a brilliant suite of physical traits, it’s the instinctual way he plays football that will fit like a glove in Philly.

That’s the common DNA of the Eagles’ defense. It’s player after player who intimately understand their assignments and what they need to execute on. Mitchell is gifted at playing the ball in the air and being an impact player who can destroy big plays.

Mitchell is a player who won’t just beat you, he’ll break your heart in the process. It’s for this reason he’s going to be a hit with the Eagles.

Terrion Arnold, CB — Detroit Lions

Another defensive back who landed in an ideal spot. Dan Campbell craves players who are violent, aggressive players and he’s okay with them making a mistake here or there, so long as they can make up for it with impact plays.

Arnold is the best impact corner in this draft, and he lands in a place that will know how to use him. Aaron Glenn is the perfect defensive coordinator to execute on Campbell’s vision, and has personal playing experience where he can help tutor up the rough edges to Arnold’s game.

I love the pick, the value, and the landing spot. This is going to be a really fun player to watch in the Lions defense.

Xavier Legette, WR — Carolina Panthers

It’s certainly fair to question whether there were better overall receivers when the Panthers took Legette with the No. 32 pick, but it’s the traits Legette possesses that fit perfectly in the new-look Carolina offense.

Head coach Dave Canales loves big-bodied receivers who are able to make contested catches and willingly do the dirty work in the run game. Canales cut his coaching teeth in Seattle with D.K. Metcalf, and transformed the Buccaneers into a playoff team in one year thanks to his utilization of Mike Evans.

Legette isn’t as big as either of those guys, but he’s got the same dog in him. A blue-collar, country-strong receiver who will run through a brick wall to achieve his goals. I love this fit even with the selection of Jonathan Mingo a year ago, a receiver in the same mold.

Ladd McConkey, WR — Los Angeles Chargers

Jim Harbaugh bided his time in picking a WR, and found a brilliant one for his offense. McConkey’s suddenness is a perfect pairing with Justin Herbert’s lightning-quick play recognition, and it gives him someone who can work the third-and-short scenarios the Chargers hope to be working in off their run game.

In the modern NFL a slot receiver is just as valuable as an X in the right offense, and the Chargers can utilize him perfectly.

Zach Frazier, C — Pittsburgh Steelers

A big, bruising center with grip strength that could probably tear a watermelon in half? Yeah, that’s a Steeler alright.

I don’t think we need to really elaborate here. Frazier is a mauler who was the perfect pick where he was taken.

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