The ABLE Chair Is Sustainable, Adaptable, Loveable + So Much More

Blå Station’s commitment to sustainability, durability, and timeless design has been at the brand’s forefront since its inception in 1986. Recently, they found themselves wondering if all of these tenets – along with typical design questions and demands – could be addressed in one single product. After years of trial and error, and asking “can a product be sustainable, recyclable, upgradeable, changeable, renewable, dismountable, traceable, serviceable, adaptable, and still lovable?” they’ve released ABLE.

Two chairs in front of a green wall.

The design brief for ABLE began with a few challenging factors: it had to be multifunctional as well as consider an exposed skeleton that lacked an upholstered covering, which could hinder interchangeability of parts. The construction needed to be playful yet changeable, sophisticated, and timeless, all the while 100% recyclable. Though the three designers, Börge Lindau, Stefan Borselius, and Thomas Bernstrand, knew they could think outside the box, they decided to put themselves in it to show that the original design could still prove to be a wildly creative solution. What they’ve developed is a forward thinking chair that will minimize waste and maximize versatility for as long as it’s loved.

Four chairs and a table.

ABLE was designed to be 100% broken down – everything can be changed, fixed, or refreshed. It’s as simple as visiting Blå Station’s website to order a new part, an add-on, or an updated element. Attach wheels, swap out the armrests for a new finish, or change the color scheme by repainting it. At the end of the day, ABLE is not to be discarded for something new, but rather, a product that’s here for the long-haul, meant to evolve with you and your needs.

A black chair sits in front of a green wall.

Upon reaching the finish line with ABLE’s design, Blå Station has realized that this is only the beginning for the concept. The continuation of this exciting project will live on in the brand’s future as they innovate while further prioritizing products that can be ethically consumed. We can’t wait to see what’s to come from ABLE down the road!

Three chairs sit on top of a set of stairs.

Three chairs and a cafe table sit at the bottom of a set of stairs.

Six chairs sit on top of a set of stairs.

A group of chairs in an empty room.

A group of chairs in an empty room.

detail of three chairs

A chair with wheels in a white room.

detail of a chair

A table and chairs in a room.

detail of a chair

A green chair in a room with a wooden floor.

Two green chairs in a room.

detail of a chair

Three chairs in a room with a large window.

Two chairs on a white background.

Two chairs on a white background.

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