The best and worst 2024 Super Bowl commercials

The Super Bowl — a true American holiday.

It has everything, and the most important NFL game of the year is just the tip of the party. It’s food, family, friends, adult beverages (if that’s your thing), glitzy halftime shows and, of course, the commercials.

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just the showcase day of the year for the NFL and sports world, but it’s truly the Super Bowl of days for the advertising industry. Ad executives for endless companies brainstorm all year to try dazzle the consumer’s eye with explosive commercials.

Super Bowl commercials have always been a thing. But, of course, as the years went on they’ve become more dynamic, more dramatic and more funny. Oh, and they’re more expensive.

Dropping a 30-second ad into CBS’ Super Bowl LVIII coverage Sunday costs companies a cool $7 million. That’s more than three times the cost of the Super Bowl 20 years ago.

Whether you’re a diehard NFL fan here for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers or just here for the commercials, we got you covered here on all the best commercials from Sunday’s game:

NFL Sunday Ticket’s migratory team birds

NFL Sunday Ticket leaned into nature documentary trying to get you to sign up for 2024’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, and Philadelphia Eagles players did their best bird impressions to great impact.

Michael Cera…Ve

Fresh off his fun supporting role in Barbie, actor Michael Cera “revealing” he’s the mastermind behind the CeraVe brand was awesome. You had me at “Let my cream hydrate you.”

Uber Eats banks on your forgetfulness

This commercial started rolling out in the last week, but it’s very fun. David and Victoria Beckham forgetting the name of the Spice Girls, Jennifer Aniston not recognizing her former coworker David Schwimmer, Jelly Roll’s tattoos, and even a quick Usher halftime joke.

Talkin’ Walken

If you ever tried to talk like Christopher Walken, you are clearly not alone.

Minions spoofs A.I. fails

Classic bait and switch from the new Despicable Me movie ad. It starts as a regular Silicon Valley-style ad voice by Jon Hamm, but quickly you see the deficiencies of artificial intelligence. Will Ferrell as ye olde royal may have gone by quickly, but the three-legged yoga lady, the multi-fingered handshake, and some weird spaghetti gave way to the Minions. Thank goodness.

Pizza Hut: Sweet and Heat featuring Tommy DeVito

Actress Antonia Gentry joins New York Giants backup quarterback Tommy DeVito and a cast of dozens in this ad for Pizza Hut. DeVito rose to prominence in November when he was forced into the lineup after several injuries hit the Giants’ QB room, but by Christmas the bloom was off the rose. Some of the best names in comedy have been carrying the torch for Pizza Hut and their commercials as of late so kudos to DeVito for parlaying that into a starring role for their national TV ad during the Super Bowl!

By the way, hot honey is awesome.

Arnie is your new “neighbaaa”

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the hero that we didn’t know we needed in the latest State Farm Insurance commercial. The Terminator star opens the ad by rescuing a pair of dachshund puppies in his persona of “Action State Farm” in the movie spoof — but the dogs’ owner is more focused on the Austrian actor’s pronunciation of “neighbaa.” Fortunately Arnie’s Twins costar Danny DeVito is on hand to explain how Americans say “neighbor.”

“Meow” sounds like “mayo”

Pete Davidson dating a cat just hits differently, you guys. Kate McKinnon’s cat knowing how to pronounce “mayo” is pretty neat.

Tom Brady has won enough, I guess

Definitely in the “Worst of” category, Vince Vaughn joins Brady for Bet MGM. The first half of the commercial is standard fare, but then we get some weird Tom Brad costumes and it’s real weird.

AI Gets Us

The message of this ad is fine; serve others because Jesus did. Like the Minions earlier — but without the swerve — the AI images the ad depicts just don’t land.

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s new mullet

Can someone explain to me why using a product that has a mullet side effect is a good thing?

Why wasn’t the Mountain Dew ad funny?

Aubrey Plaza is funny. Nick Offerman is funny. They may have been having a Blast, but we weren’t.

Boston runs on DunKings

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady are considered by many to be Boston’s greatest — so it’s only natural that they’d team up to create a boy band, right? Well that’s the logic behind the latest Dunkin’ Donuts commercial, which features the trio wearing the ugliest orange jumpsuits that we’ve ever seen. Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, is far from impressed by The DunKings’ musical talents or their OTT outfits, but she does seem impressed by DJ Brady …

A political ad debuts

“Hey, did you know I was a Kennedy?”

Apologies for the low quality embed… there isn’t an official one on YouTube for some reason.

We will keep updating as the game goes on, so stay tuned!

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