The Fakeout Trick Could Cut Your Braiding Time in Half

Be mindful that the two types of human hair should match in texture, color, and length. If you really can’t find hair that matches, Kamara says this would be the time to make an exception and get all weft hair. (Remember, this isn’t ideal, but IT’S better than getting hair bundles that don’t match.) If you opt for getting only weft bundles, your stylist will cut the weft off to use for the loose strands in the box braids, and this may cause some shedding.

Luvme Hair is a great site to get quality weft human-hair bundles, while Sam’s Beauty (a virtual beauty supply store) offers a range of nonweft human hair for braiding. Amazon has never failed me when it comes to Kanekelon hair—the X-Pressions brand is widely used and loved. You can also find all three types of hair at a beauty-supply store, or ask your stylist for recommendations.

Luvme Hair Human-Hair Bundle

X-Pression Premium Original Ultra Braid

How much does the fakeout technique cost?

You’re paying for speed when it comes to this style. Kamara charges $380 for the fakeout technique compared with $420 for regular boho braids. But that doesn’t account for the extra hair you have to buy, which will cost around $230 following this breakdown: $150 for two weft bundles, $60 for two nonweft bundles of loose braiding hair, and $20 for two packs of Kanekelon hair (though most braiding salons now provide Kanekelon hair as part of the service).

That puts your grand total, on average, around $600. The good news is that you can reuse the weft bundles up to four times with proper maintenance (washing, conditioning, and brushing the extensions as needed).

What to expect during an appointment

Before booking an appointment, let your stylist know that you want boho braids with a sew-in in the middle. Because the resurgence of this technique is still in its early days, not all stylists offer this service yet.

As with any protective style, you’ll want to start with clean, moisturized hair. If a wash service isn’t included in your appointment, thoroughly cleanse your hair and scalp beforehand. To start, your stylist will section off the perimeter of your hair, clipping it away from the rest. Once that’s secure, the center of your hair will be braided into a cornrow pattern, which usually takes 20 to 45 minutes.

Image of girl getting boho braids with a sewin the middle.

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