The Golden Bachelor's Edith Shares Her (Gas-Free) Guacamole Recipe

Interviews with the women—and Gerry—from The Golden Bachelor have been eye-opening, surprising, and undeniably juicy. But they’ve never been as hilarious as one that starts out with an ABC publicist saying, “Edith, you have Jessica on the line, and she’s ready to talk about guacamole.”

Make no mistake, I am very excited to hear all about the guacamole.

“It’s pure vegetables,” Mexican-born Edith says on the phone from her home in California. “My grandma is the one who showed me the recipe, which is very simple.”

The 60-year-old vixen might not have made the lasting impression she wanted to with Gerry on The Golden Bachelor (her journey ended in week three), but her culinary skills were a big hit with the ladies from the start.

“I love to cook, so I made tacos and then I made, like, 80 enchiladas for everybody, and then I started making my guacamole,” Edith says. “Susan loves to cook too, so we were always in the kitchen.”

It was there that the season’s second biggest storyline took place. If the first was the drama that went down with Kathy and Theresa, then the follow-up was Edith’s guacamole versus Susan’s meatballs.

No, not which one was better—which one caused Susan’s, and several women’s, gas.

“Susan would look at me and say, ‘It’s your guacamole,’” she recalls. “I was like, ‘No, it’s not my guacamole. It’s your meatballs.’ She’s still arguing about that. I don’t know, we’re going to take this to the grave. But I’ve been making the guac for so long, and it has never caused me gas or my family. Also, I tried one of her meatballs, and it didn’t give me gas.”

The debate will continue during the Women Tell All (airing Thursday, November 9), and we will get Susan’s side of the story when she shares her meatball recipe with Glamour next week, but for now we needed to know one thing: How exactly does Edith prepare her guacamole, which everyone agrees is delicious?

Edith’s signature (gas-free) guacamole.

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