The Golden Bachelor's Faith Reveals Why She and Gerry Probably Wouldn't Have Worked, and Her Thoughts on Theresa

Glamour: Do you feel you got the answers you were looking for from Gerry after tonight’s episode?

Faith Martin: I do. I got really good closure. It just felt so good to hug him and to be able to tell each other we still love each other, and that’s okay. And that moving forward we’ll be okay individually. I could understand where he was coming from and the decisions that he made. The thing that hurt the most was seeing that disconnect [after hometowns at the rose ceremony]. And so for him to reconnect with me tonight and give me those answers gave me hope. It was wonderful. I feel so grateful that I got this opportunity to see him again.

He said some really moving things to you. Was there anything that provided some comfort for you moving forward?

What he said that was offstage is what meant the most to me. When I was leaving, he brought me back to hug me one more time. Those are private things but they are just so meaningful. He’s just really a true, soulful guy. And it’s what I loved about him from day one. He gave me so many gifts and treasures that I will always cherish, so I really feel like I’m going away with so much more than I came in with.

It felt like the way Gerry was looking at you tonight and hearing what you were saying to him, that he maybe regretted sending you home. If he’s still single at the end of this, or if things don’t work out with the woman he chose, would you be interested in revisiting your relationship, should that be something he wants as well?

I don’t think that’s going to happen…but that’s one I’d have to think about. I don’t know, it’s so easy to love him. You can’t be in his presence and not want to stay there. So that’d be a hard one.

During your hometown visit, had you talked with Gerry about him moving to your home? Or going to Indiana?

We talked about how it would work out and those logistics. I think that might be part of what he thought couldn’t work because I’m not a person that could see my kids twice a year. I need to be present there a lot. And I think honestly, he really does have different feelings for the other women that maybe are more with alignment to what he’s looking for in life. Even though we can love each other and we have this great connection, I think he’s a very logistical guy. He’s very smart about what he needs in his life to make it work on a logistics level. And maybe we weren’t aligned in that way.

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