The Hush Money Trial Is Breaking Donald Trump

Trump broke down over the gag order and ranted about how cold the courtroom is, the gag order itself, and Joe Biden.

I think it’s a disgrace. It’s totally unconstitutional. I don’t believe it’s never, not to this extent, ever happened before. I’m not allowed to defend myself and yet other people are allowed to say whatever they want about me. Very, very unfair having to do with the schools and the closings that’s Biden’s fault.

And by the way, this trial is all Biden, you know, this is all Biden just in case anybody has any questions and they’re keeping me in a courtroom. It’s freezing, by the way in a courtroom, he’s out campaigning. That’s probably an advantage because he can’t campaign. Nobody,
nobody knows what he’s doing. You can’t put two sentences together, but he’s out campaigning. He’s out campaigning and I’m here in the court from sitting here, giving, sitting up as straight as I can all day long because you know what, it’s a very unfair situation.

So we’re locked up in a courtroom and this guy’s out there campaigning. If you go to campaigning every time he opens his mouth, he gets himself into trouble. So that’s the story of an unconstitutional gay order by a highly conflicted judge that should recuse himself.

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Trump can’t handle not being in control. He is losing it because he has to sit in court and can’t control anything. Trump has no control. He doesn’t get to say when the day starts or when it ends. Trump has to sit at the defense table in a room where he doesn’t control the temperature and can’t respond to anything that is being said about him.

Donald Trump is getting closer to completely snapping. He keeps ranting about the gag order because it doesn’t allow him to tamper with the jury and witnesses. Trump can’t manipulate his way into reshaping the world round him, and it is driving him crazy.

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