The Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Divorce Rumor Drama Takes an Unexpected Turn

Everyone was pretty sure that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s divorce was all but confirmed, but there’s been a sudden plot twist. Maybe these two aren’t headed for imminent splitsville after all.

On June 26, according to Page Six, Lopez was spotted driving to Affleck’s office in Los Angeles after returning from Paris Fashion Week, which she attended without her husband. In another positive sign for the couple’s marriage, Affleck was spotted wearing his wedding ring in photos taken just a day previously, after being seen sans wedding band while J.Lo was abroad.

Divorce rumors have dogged Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck since March 30, which would be the last time they were photographed together for months. Since then, Lopez has gone stag to the Met Gala, while Affleck attended the Roast of Tom Brady solo. They were reportedly apart for holidays, including Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, and it doesn’t look like Lopez attended her stepdaughter Violet’s graduation party.

Even more troubling, it was widely reported that Affleck had already moved out and the pair had begun shopping for separate houses. TMZ reported on June 8 that their shared $60-million mansion was on the market, which seemed pretty ominous.

“They are taking some space to work out whether or not the relationship is right for both of them,” a source told Us Weekly in late May. However, while the rumors of a split haven’t dissipated completely, there are some signs that things might be back on the right track. Like, at least they’re wearing their wedding rings again.

Personally, my fingers are still crossed for the Greatest Love Story Never Told to work out in the end.

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