The real winner of the F1 Miami Grand Prix? Leo Leclerc

Lando Norris stormed to the front at last weekend’s Miami Grand Prix, beating Max Verstappen to the checkered flag for the first win of his Formula 1 career. That victory earned the driver praise from around the paddock, and touched off an epic celebration in the paddock at McLaren, one that even rival Team Principal Frederic Vasseur joined in on.

But while most weekends that would make Norris the biggest winner of the weekend, this week’s Miami Grand Prix saw another take the title.

Leo Leclerc.

Leo is Charles Leclerc’s new puppy, and the Ferrari driver unveiled a quick series of photographs on social media highlighting how Leo not only enjoyed his time in the paddock, but had his own credential:

Absolute cuteness overload.

At the moment, no word on whether Leo — excuse me, Leo Leclerc Saint Mieux has met the other canine hero of the paddock, Lewis Hamilton’s bulldog Roscoe:

But with Hamilton soon to be Leclerc’s teammate at Ferrari next season, you can imagine that meeting is going to happen at some point.

And the photographs will be incredible.

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