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Trump Can’t Win: 64% Of Americans Won’t Support Him

A new AP Poll found that 64% of Americans say they definitely or probably would not support Trump in November.

Will Americans Support Trump In November?

The AP reported on a poll that showed Americans will not support Trump in November:

Nearly two-thirds of Republicans — 63% — now say they want the former president to run again, according to new polling from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. That’s up slightly from the 55% who said the same in April when Trump began facing a series of criminal charges. Seven in 10 Republicans now have a favorable opinion of Trump, an uptick from the 60% who said so two months ago.

But in a crucial warning sign for the former president and his supporters, Trump faces glaring vulnerabilities heading into a general election, with many Americans strongly dug in against him. While most Republicans — 74% — say they would support him in November 2024, 53% of Americans say they would definitely not support him if he is the nominee. Another 11% say they would probably not support him in November 2024.

Resistance to Trump appears to be dug in and solid for the general election. The Republican primary electorate is an animal that exists in a different universe than the rest of the country. Trump has broad support among Republicans, but his numbers are reversed when it comes to the general election.

Are Americans Equally Opposed To Joe Biden?

The AP poll found that Americans are not equally opposed to President Joe Biden, and the opposition is not as solid. Forty-three percent of Americans say that they will definitely not vote for Biden, and an additional eleven percent say they probably won’t vote for Biden. Trump’s entrenched definite no votes are ten points higher than Biden’s which suggests that the Republican efforts to paint Trump and Biden as equally bad have not worked with general election voters.

Trump May Be Unelectable

The AP poll is evidence that supports Nikki Haley’s claim that Donald Trump is unelectable. Trump is running a presidential campaign that only appeals to Republicans and his core base of support. If the opposition to his candidacy continues at the level that the AP measured, Trump would be unelectable in a two-person race.

The question is not whether Trump can win or lose. The question is how many Republican candidates could Trump take down with him in defeat?

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