Users can now purchase e.l.f. Cosmetics products through Roblox

e.l.f. Cosmetics is applying a new layer of innovation to its Roblox experience, adding real-world commerce powered by Walmart. Starting today, beauty gurus can visit the e.l.f. UP! experience’s virtual kiosk in Roblox to order select products with a bundled “virtual twin” digital good.

“e.l.f. UP! has been lightning in a bottle since day one and continues to surpass all expectations, especially among our Gen Z community,” said Kory Marchisotto, chief marketing officer, e.l.f. Beauty. “Testing commerce on Roblox is the next evolution in our journey of merging beauty with immersive platforms. We are teaching the Roblox community — and communities in digital spaces everywhere — about social commerce with purpose. Our community deeply values our superpower of cruelty-free products. Through the e.l.f. UP! Pet Adoption Center, we’ve learned how essential this superpower is, shaping our approach in this space.”

Developed in partnership with eGen and Supersocial, the beauty brand launched its Roblox experience in November 2023 with the goal of helping the next generation build entrepreneurship skills and cultural awareness. So far, the e.l.f. UP! experience has received over 12 million visits and given away more than one million free virtual items.

Adding virtual commerce to the e.l.f. UP! experience allows the brand to further monetize these visitors and build consumer loyalty. According to Roblox, e.l.f. is the first beauty brand to add real-world commerce to its experience on the platform. The deal also expands on the platform’s ecommerce deal with Walmart, which kicked off testing in April.

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“e.l.f. continues to break new ground on Roblox with its thoughtful iterations to the community experience and exclusive offerings tailored to our platform,” said Stephanie Latham, VP of global brand partnerships, Roblox. “We are in the early days of testing commerce on Roblox, and we are excited to continue taking steps with brands like e.l.f. towards building the future of shopping, making it immersive, 3D and social. Our vision is to ultimately enable brands and creators to turn their incredible brand affinity and user engagement on the platform into a seamless shopping experience for their new and existing audiences. The shoppable future of Roblox means that brands can immerse communities into their stories — and enable customers to complete their journey with a purchase while socializing with their friends.”

e.l.f. applies e-commerce in Roblox

To build upon the e.l.f. UP! experience’s social mission-driven attractions, the brand’s first ecommerce items emphasize its commitment to cruelty free products. users can order select cruelty-free, vegan SPF and lip products that protect both animals and the community. The company’s curated selection includes:

  • Squeeze Me Lip Balm  (Virtual Twin: Squeeze Me Grape Hairstyle)
  • Glow Reviver Lip Oils (Virtual Twin: Lip Oil Wings)
  • Suntouchable Whoa Glow SPF 30  (Virtual Twin: Beach Bandau)

In addition to these cosmetics, users can purchase the Roblox-exclusive limited-edition physical product — an e.l.f. UP! Pets hoodie featuring one of the experience’s pets. Also, e.l.f. is making a $50,000 donation to the Humane Society of the United States to further support animal welfare.

To add further credibility to the project, e.l.f. collaborated with endemic Roblox creators to design these bundled virtual twins. For example, the brand partnered with SimplyALemon, known for her Kawaii item collection in her Roblox group The Lemon Land, to design the virtual twin hat bundled with the e.l.f. UP! Pets hoodie.

“I’m thrilled to collaborate with e.l.f. and the Roblox community on this exciting project,” said SimplyALemon. “Designing virtual items that bring awareness to an important cause, enhance the experience and resonate with Roblox community’s creativity has been incredible. The clothing and accessories embody the spirit of imagination and innovation that makes the e.l.f. universe so special. I can’t wait to see people enjoy these new items on the platform—and in the physical world.” 

U.S. users aged 13 and up can visit the e.l.f. UP! experience virtual kiosk on mobile and desktop today.

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