Want the Olivia Rodrigo Stanley Cup? Sorry, It’s Already Gone

If you’d like to purchase one of the limited edition Stanley cups inspired by Olivia Rodrigo’s album Guts, too effing bad. You missed it. It’s over.

The collab between the hottest Gen Z rock star and the best-selling drinkware brand was announced on July 2 in an Instagram post showing the “vampire” singer sipping from the item midshow. It’s a lilac “quencher” cup with the “OR” brand logo and stars reminiscent of the confetti from the Guts tour.

It’s definitely cute! The brand describes the color of the straw as “grape.” It holds 40 ounces and costs $55. This account somehow knew about it in February.

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But you couldn’t just buy one. No, this cup was available through an “EQL Launch,” a concept I’m still wrapping my ancient millennial mind around but seems to be like a lottery where you sign up during the “launch window” to purchase an item, and at the end of the window (which in this case opened July 9 and closed July 10), you find out if you’re getting to buy one.

So resellers can’t scoop ’em all up and you don’t have to be the very, very first person in line to have a shot. I think.

Now, people who were lucky enough to be selected to purchase the item are celebrating their good fortune. Very clever, making people feel like they won something for getting to spend money on your product. Nicely done, capitalism.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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