What to Watch the Week of November 12: The Crown Does the Impossible, Julia Season Two Delights, and Gerry Hits the Fantasy Suites on The Golden Bachelor

Get ready for the best TV-watching day of the year this week, thanks to The Golden Bachelor‘s overnight dates (aka the fantasy suites!), The Crown‘s return, and Julia‘s second season.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 16, starting with part one of the sixth and final season of Peter Morgan’s Emmy-winning The Crown, on Netflix. I’ve heard from many of you who said you weren’t as enamored with the critically-acclaimed series in season five (it heavily centered on Princess Diana’s final years). I think there’s two reasons for that, starting with 1) the cast and stories from seasons 3-4 were so beloved, and 2) in many ways, the narrative involving Princess Diana felt more like history lessons we already knew as opposed to discovery surprising moments in the royal family.

Dodi and Diana’s final days are depicted in part one of season six of The Crown, premiering this Thursday.

Daniel Escale/Netflix

For those reasons, I was a bit hesitant diving into the first four episodes of season six (which will drop this Thursday), since they center on Princess Diana’s final days before her tragic death. There’s been so much written about it, and many of us, myself included, lived through it, making it a moment that one might not care to revisit.

I was wrong. As someone that thought they knew pretty much everything about those final days, there was so many fascinating moments I was apparently not aware of, leading me to do a deep dive of certain instances that did indeed happen (I won’t reveal what they are here, as not to ‘spoil’ anything). Also, Princess Diana’s final days on the series are handled with such grace and thoughtfulness, that any reports you might have seen of the actual royal family being outraged at the depiction seems ridiculous.

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