Why individualized service is key in luxury real estate

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The business of luxury real estate is a busy one. As agents serving the most prestigious markets, we have ambitious targets to meet and goals to achieve, and we often play the role of both the seasoned professional and savvy entrepreneur, planning for the stable, sustainable growth of our business and our brands while eagerly prospecting for emerging opportunities.

Here’s the thing we have to remember, though: the greatest business opportunity is often the one that’s right in front of us every day — our current clients. While it’s important to think of the big picture, don’t forget that by focusing on your present buyers and sellers, and devoting yourself fully to their success, you’re guaranteeing the future of your business through their long-term loyalty and referrals.

I came to luxury real estate from a fairly unconventional background. When I lived in the UK, I was a successful actress and presenter for film and television — including for a program where I helped out-of-town buyers find their dream homes. This ignited a passion for real estate, which I pursued once my family relocated to Chapel Hill.

Now, as an agent with Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty serving North Carolina’s Triangle, here’s why providing highly bespoke, customized services has enabled me to establish myself in this industry and excel within a relatively short time.

3 reasons why individualized service is essential

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Claire Pope – Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty

As luxury agents, individualized services have long been a component of our business that differentiates our offerings from those in other segments of the market. Yet, it’s important to take a moment to remind ourselves why these are so critical.

1. Luxury consumers expect tailored experiences

From personal shoppers who meticulously remember their styles and preferences at their favorite luxury retailers to the attentive catering on business class flights and five-star hotels, luxury clients come to real estate already accustomed to having their needs anticipated. If they don’t get the white glove service they’ve learned to expect, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

2. No two clients have the same aspirations

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Claire Pope – Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty

Having been through home buying in the Triangle myself — discovering all its areas and finding a property fit for my family — I’m mindful that each client is moving for a different, personal reason. When meeting a buyer or seller for the first time, never lose sight of this fact; listen to them carefully and ask questions so you can understand their unique hopes, concerns and objectives and help them plan their purchase or sale accordingly.

3. You’re the ambassador of your personal brand

We’re decision-makers for our business while simultaneously being the faces of our personal brands, and the service we provide determines how successful the brand will be. That’s why building relationships is such a key factor in my real estate practice. Luxury real estate transactions are significant investments, and my clients need to feel they can trust me and have confidence in the advice I provide to them. Nurturing relationships with fellow agents and brokers — locally, nationally and globally — is also a key priority.

Create individualized experiences with technology

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Claire Pope – Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty

From e-commerce to mobile apps to social media feeds, personalization has become synonymous with technology — and this is something that we can capitalize on in luxury real estate. From high-quality imagery and video to immersive virtual tours, I encourage you to use the tools and platforms available to you to create a rich library of content for your current and prospective clients, then track their engagement with your website and social channels so you can deliver content that interests them.

However, nothing compares with the human touch

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Claire Pope – Hodge & Kittrell Sotheby’s International Realty

While technology is valuable, nothing is more crucial than the human element and spending quality time with clients. Those regular phone calls and in-person meetings, as well as dinners, events and shared excursions, allow me to get a genuine sense of their lifestyle, preferences and desires, as well as the specific locations, amenities and aesthetics that appeal to them.

My motto has always been, “The more you give, the more you receive; the more you share, the more you have.” In other words, the abundance of life isn’t measured by what you have but by what you give, and when our colleagues and clients win, we win with them.

Claire Pope headshot 1Claire Pope, an actress and presenter from the UK, has called Chapel Hill home since 2015. With a strong passion for real estate, she and her family decided to establish Chapel Hill as their permanent residence in November 2019 after initially renting. Claire’s deep local knowledge, coupled with her involvement in community initiatives such as FilmFest919 and the Orange County Habitat for Humanity annual spring fashion show, positions her as a valuable resource for those looking to relocate to the Triangle area. 

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