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Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Attend the Met Gala?

So are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce attending the Met Gala this year? The answer is…maybe? Let’s break down the evidence.

Why they wouldn’t:

As a rule, Swift does not walk red carpets with her boyfriends, and the Met Gala is sort of a loaded event in the Swift-verse. It’s where she danced with Tom Hiddleston, on the same night she met Joe Alwyn, whom she would date right after Hiddleston. To put Kelce into the mix might be too much. It would be a little odd for her to attend solo given how public her relationship is right now, but it would also be anomalous to go together.

Plus, in the eight years since Swift last showed up, the Kardashians have all but taken over the steps. Friends modeling for Skims is one thing, but actually running into nemesis Kim is another.

Taylor Swift at the 2016 Met Gala

Taylor Swift in Louis Vuitton at the 2016 Met Gala

Getty Images

Why they would:

If she attends, it would be a cool way for the billionaire to cap off the promotional run for her 11th album, The Tortured Poets Department, before she goes back on tour.

Additionally, it looks like the no-Met days might have been due to her years-long relationship with camera-shy Joe Alwyn. Which is…not a problem Kelce has. Dude loves a photo op, and while Swift and Alwyn kept their romance super private, Kelce has already shown up on Swift’s social media. Their intimate at-home PDA is featured in the YouTube Shorts video for her song “Fortnight.”

Clearly, the old rules do not apply.

Having fun with Trav even brought her to one of the only other annual events as star-studded as the Met Gala: Coachella. She hadn’t been there since she dated Calvin Harris, but with Kelce on her arm, she went. If that’s any precedent, a Met Gala return may be imminent!

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