Your toddler’s a big sib! Why LEGO® sets are the best gift from a new baby

If you’ve found your way to this article, congratulations are likely in order! Preparing to welcome a new baby is a momentous and exciting time, although it can be quite different if it’s not your first. When you’ve got a bun in the oven and a toddler tornado tearing through the house, you can forget about picture-perfect nursery designs. Nesting and afternoon napping? Who’s she? Few things are more exhausting than navigating the third trimester while trying to keep up with a newly minted 2-year-old—or any toddler for that matter.

Amidst all the excitement about the new bundle of joy, it’s important not to overlook older siblings. Their whole world is changing, and making your older kiddos feel extra special will make the transition easier for everybody. One fun way to navigate the adjustment of welcoming a new little lovebug to the family? A new sib gift exchange. Big siblings get to choose a special present for the new arrival, and in return, they receive a thoughtful gift, too. It’s a sweet way to build excitement and connection between siblings, setting the tone for a lifelong friendship.

While traditional gifts like stuffed animals, books and matching outfits frequently top the list, we’re firmly convinced that LEGO® sets stand out as the ultimate gift from a new sibling—and we’re about to explain why. 

3 reasons why LEGO® sets make the *perfect* new sibling gift

toddler playing with LEGO DUPLO setstoddler playing with LEGO DUPLO sets

1. Teaches patience and independence

As a fresh big sib, toddlers often face the shocking realization that Mom’s attention isn’t solely dedicated to them anymore—it’s now shared with the new baby. So let’s talk about patience—a concept that most toddlers are just starting to grasp. 

It’s a common scenario once baby #2 comes: Mom is tending to the new arrival, and the older sibling needs something to keep them entertained without causing chaos. Enter: LEGO® sets. Building with LEGO® DUPLO® bricks not only provides an independent and fun activity for the older sibling in close proximity to Mom and the new baby, but it’s also a crash course in navigating challenges, developing resilience and not losing your marbles when things fall apart (literally). Starting patience training early is key as the new baby grows into a toddler themselves, and those tiny toddler hands try to wreak havoc on every tower the older sibling builds.

2. Encourages bonding and quality time

Ah, the 4th trimester—AKA survival mode with a side of sleepless nights, diaper changes and a toddler who is craving quality time. While LEGO® sets may not be able to help much with those epic late-night feeding sessions, they’re the ticket to quality time with your toddler. Together, you’ll embark on epic building adventures, honing teamwork and communication skills, and maybe even discovering hidden talents (who knew your toddler was a budding architect?). 

And LEGO® DUPLO® bricks get bonus points for versatility—whether you’re constructing castles or diving into the basics of coding (so smart), there’s endless fun to be had. Though it may seem simple, dedicating just 10 minutes of uninterrupted quality time each day can work wonders for a toddler. And with these brightly colored bricks in hand, you’ll be ready for hours of laughter and memories that’ll last a lifetime.

3. Adaptable to different ages

LEGO® sets make an excellent gift for a new big sibling because they’re designed to grow with children, offering engaging experiences for toddlers and preschoolers alike. With their large, easy-to-handle bricks, LEGO® sets are perfect for younger children who are still figuring out that whole “coordination” thing. Toddlers can take on simple stacking and building activities, while preschoolers can dive into full-on construction projects, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Plus, LEGO® sets often feature themes and characters—everything from cute critters to blockbuster movie characters, like Elsa and Lightning McQueen. So, whether they’re teaming up with their baby sibling-turned-toddler or embarking on solo adventures, LEGO® sets are truly the gift that keeps on giving, no matter how much they grow.

Ramping up for a new adventure

While you may have to prepare for double the trouble, you’ll also be preparing for double the fun as you gear up to welcome not just a new baby, but also a budding big sib extraordinaire—one who is still developing essential social-emotional skills, yearning for quality time, and evolving into a smart, creative and resilient individual. While you’re busy baby-proofing and stocking up on diapers, your little sidekick is gearing up for their own adventure into siblinghood, and with a LEGO® set gifted from their new soon-to-be best friend, they’re going to enter into a world of fun while learning essential skills and making cherished memories along the way. It’s more than just play—it’s the beginning of a beautiful (and sure, occasionally chaotic) sibling relationship.

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