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Biden Campaign Calls Trump Feeble For Constantly Falling Asleep In Court

Trump’s regular falling asleep in court was pointed out by the Biden campaign which pointed out that the ex-president is feeble and tired.

The Biden campaign posted:

Trump’s freedom is on the line and he can’t stay awake in court. For months, the media was obsessed with Joe Biden’s age, but now the headlines are filled every day that court is in session with tales of Donald Trump snoozing trough his trial.

Each nap gets progressively more devastating for Trump’s image. The nation is seeing Trump not as a vigorous strongman who can solve the nation’s problems, but as an old man who keeps complaining about the cold and falling asleep.

Trump will try to rehab his image by campaigning over the weekend, but the damage is substantial.

The Biden campaign is smartly not talking about the details of the trial, but are focused on Trump’s behavior and how he is destroying his self-created mythology.

Trump has looked feeble, tired, and old. Most importantly, he has looked like nothing like a person who is physically capable of serving as president for the next four years.

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