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Kelly Osbourne says she was ‘hungry for 9 months’ when pregnant with gestational diabetes

Kelly Osbourne did not have an easy first pregnancy, and now she’s opening up about it for the first time.

In a new interview with People magazine, the new mom, who welcomed her son Sidney with her partner Sid Wilson late last year, said that amid a gestational diabetes scare, she had to be diligent about her health during her pregnancy.

“I didn’t get to have the pregnancy where you eat whatever you want. It sucked. I was hungry for nine months,” she said.

Due to her gestational diabetes diagnosis, Osbourne said she was required to follow a “completely sugar-free diet and no carbohydrates” to keep her diabetes from becoming permanent after her pregnancy.

“It really scared me,” she said. “I didn’t want to deal with any of that.”

She also said that she “took peptides and so many vitamins,” but that her weight loss journey, especially while pregnant, wasn’t fun for her.

“I was hungry all the time,” she said. “And that’s how I lost the weight.”

Sadly, Osbourne felt that she needed to respond to fan speculation that, like her mom, she’s used Ozempic to slim down (which would be perfectly fine if she did — but it’s her business and not for fans to speculate about).

“I don’t know what Ozempic does to you other than what I saw it do to my mom,” she said. “I think that it is the miracle drug in the right hands… but for some reason, society is trying to paint it out to be a bad thing. And I don’t understand why. If you need to lose some weight, who cares how you do it, as long as you’re doing it in a healthy way.”

And that’s the right attitude to have.

Now that her son is here and she’s healthy, Osbourne is enjoying being a mom, including taking Sid to his dad’s concerts.

“Being able to raise my son the way that I was raised is so important to me. I was raised on love, music and the road,” she captioned an Instagram post showing the stage at one of Wilson’s shows. “Getting to give my baby the same gift means more to me than I can put into words. Rock music is in his blood! I still can’t believe he slept through most of it!!!”

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