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One Screw Up From His Lawyer May Have Blown Up Trump’s Defense

Trump’s lawyer accidentally got an admission from a witness that he knew that the payments to Michael Cohen were a hush money reimbursement.

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Andrew Weissmann posted, “An apparent slip by Trump counsel as he elicits from McConney that Weisselberg told him the money was for some sort of reimbursement. Remember: that is the DA’s position, and that the paperwork disguised it as legal fees. And Trump wants to say it was really legal fees and not a reimbursement.”

There were more damning documents, also from Weissmann, “Trump trial update: Exhibits 35 and 36 are key – they are the bank statement showing Cohen paid Stormy $130,000 hush money, and the notes by McConney (36) and Weisselberg (35) calculating the amounts Cohen needs to be reimbursed to make him whole after disguising the reimbursements as legal fee income.”

Donald Trump’s defense is that Michael Cohen went rogue and paid off Stormy Daniels because the ex-president only paid Cohen for legal services. However, it seems that a lot of high-ranking people in the Trump Organization knew that Cohen was being paid back for paying off Daniels.

Donald Trump’s lawyer seems to have blown a hole in his defense.

What was supposed to be a dry day of evidence in court has been terrible for Donald Trump. The former president doesn’t seem to have much of a defense besides Biden conspiracy theories, claiming that he didn’t do it, and saying that if he did do it, he should have been charged sooner.

Things are most definitely not going well in court for Donald J. Trump.

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