The Cowgirl Bob Is the Cooler, Messier Take on the French Bob

If you’re torn between an edgy shag and a chic bob haircut, we have good news: the cowgirl bob just might your match made in haircut heaven.

Unfamiliar with the cowgirl bob? Megan Fox, our patron saint of hair transformations, just debuted the chop. Created and styled by celebrity hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, it’s a grown-up take on fall 2023’s viral cowgirl cut with a hint of soft femininity à la the French bob.

The cowgirl bob is equal parts flattering and versatile. While the look is on-trend, it can also be customized so your cut doesn’t end up looking like a carbon copy of anyone else’s style (unless you want it to.)

Hairstylist Luke Hersheson coined the cowgirl cut—the cowgirl bob’s predecessor—just ahead of last fall, describing it as his most-requested new season look. “The cowgirl cut is rough and ready—a little imperfect but beautiful, so that’s where the name came from,” he told Glamour, noting that while it may have had strong similarities to a shag or lob, it was a new take on both: “The cowgirl cut is a cross between both, but with curtain bangs.”

Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s no surprise that cowgirl cuts of are evolving into cowgirl bobs, pulling inspiration from short, hot-weather friendly styles we already know and love.

megan fox cowboy bob

“The cowgirl bob is a longer twist on the ‘French Bob,’ with chic piecey bangs and a blunt-full length,” says New York City hairstylist Dan Williams. It certainly doesn’t hurt that country music and cowgirl-inspired aesthetics are having such a a renaissance at the same time.

“This will look so good when out riding horses getting a little wind-swept with the texture!” he adds.

megan fox cowboy bob
megan fox cowboy bob

As for who should consider this style? “This bob is fabulous if you like a full more one-length short bob with just a mild amount of texturizing on the ends,” Williams says. He also suggests cutting downwards into the bangs “to add more of a wispy effect when styling.”

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