Mindful Eating, Strategy Appetite Control Strategies

trouble eating

Most people are often unaware of what he was doing at the moment. Included also in terms of eating. “It happened because of the activities of eating often in conjunction with other activities such as watching TV, working or the others,” said psychologist Anindita Citra, Psi, M.Psi of the Department of Clinical Psychologists Lighthouse, Jakarta.

Therefore, food should be done with full awareness. “Mindful eating, so to speak,” he said while giving an explanation

According to the image, mindful eating is useful for ourselves in order to understand the signals that appear in the body. “If we eat slowly and are well aware of the circumstances of ourselves, we can give time for the body receives the full signal. Thus, when the body is said to be satisfied, we can stop eating. Not then fed continuously,” said Citra.

So, the key to mindful eating is the focus and conscious at moments that we experience, namely the experience to feel what your body and be aware of what is eaten body, from the taste, aroma, texture, color up.

“The ideal time for the body is 20 minutes. When we eat slowly, digestion can work better. Thus the weight under control. So, you do not need desperately diet because the body is automatically braked so that we do not go crazy,” said Citra ,

Instead, jikta we eat hurriedly, digestive work harder. The food no longer tasted fine but we instead stress.

How to Compare Rates Gojek, Grab and Uber from Google Maps

google maps

Google re-add a list of new features in mapping service. After Uber, this time the service Go-Jek and Grab also known estimated travel rates will do.

The presence of this feature was first noticed when the mat Google for Indonesia some time ago. Google Maps Vice President of Engineering, Hugh Williams who immediately introduced a feature in Indonesia.

The presence of this feature also adds information that can be displayed directly via Google Maps for Indonesia. Previously, the search engine giant has also established cooperation with PT Jakarta Transportation.

Through this cooperation, information on routes, schedules and bus arrival times for corridors 1 to 12 have been provided in real-time on Google Maps. Such information can be directly accessed via the Transit feature in Google’s mapping application.

To start using the new feature information about Uber, Go-Jek, and this Grab users simply write down the initial start point and destination. After that, scroll to the column that displays an icon taxi.

Later, the column will display information about the estimated time of arrival, including the rate to be charged to the user. The information displayed also includes existing services, including the services of two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels.

After selecting the service you want to use, users will be brought into transport applications intended to make a reservation. How easy is not it? Good luck.

5 Tips to Make Split Underwater photos in place Waterfall


Along with the arrival of the rainy season, one of the tourist spots frequented by the waterfall. Because the rainy season, the water flow will increase and create a waterfall higher volume than usual. With the high volume of water will create a pond below. The deeper it will be nice to take pictures underwater in a split waterfall tour.

1. Come during the day

The most appropriate time to make a split underwater photos is during the day between 10 am to 2 pm. At that time the sun will be very important, especially in lighting in the water.

2. Choose the pool river rocks more small compared to sand

Some of the waterfall pool has the basic characteristics of different pools. The best thing is the bottom of the pool that has a lot of rocks smaller than the sand. Because, rocks will help reflect the sun so that the middle of the floating object will get adequate lighting.

3. Avoid taking pictures with a sand bottom of the pool

River pool with a sandy surface of the base would be very easy to make the water more turbid. This would obviously disturbing images also inhibits rays entering the pool. The sand will make the light is absorbed in the water so that the object will appear dark.

4. Breathing exercises

If the breath is very important not to look too much bubble when creating a split photograph underwater. Practise hold his breath longer than 1 minute in the water.

5. Be calm and relaxed

If you can not swim, look shallow. Do not endanger yourself to have split underwater photos. When diving should not be too hasty and try to remain calm and not to do the movements are not necessary so that the pond is not getting murky from the sand rises.

Type your girlfriend As Is Based Zodiak?


Perhaps you’ve repeatedly underwent a relationship with someone. You try to remember and take note, how do you treat your partner so that you know the type such as whether your girlfriend, especially the women.
Or maybe you’ve never had a previous relationship, and wanted to know the type of partner as if you are following is the type you as a boyfriend by the zodiac.

Aries: Spontaneous
Aries is known to be a creative, adaptive and insightful. You are the type of adventurous girlfriend, you’re always ready to try new things and creative during a date night with your partner. Nothing can make you afraid to undergo a relationship because you can easily adapt to any change in the situation.

Taurus: Faithful
As a Taurus woman, you are very patient, reliable and loving. These properties make your relationship last long. When you’re in a relationship, you give your whole heart and soul to the couple. When you and your partner are arguing, quickly you are able to control it.

Gemini: Love Summer
Gemini women are known flexible, passionate and versatile. So do not be surprised if you fall in love too deeply to your partner. When you meet someone new, you automatically understand what you feel and not ashamed of it.

Cancer: Always There
Most women with Zodiac Cancer is an emotional, caring, and imaginative. You are the type of couple who is very loving and supportive of your spouse. You have the ability to feel deeply for what felt by your partner. In addition, you are always trying to show your concern with a partner.

Leo: tolerant
Female Leo is known for his generosity, and very confident. You love being the center of everyone’s attention, but you also make sure your partner’s needs are met. There is never a dull moment when with you. Leo woman, you are a girlfriend who always wants a couple of others.

Virgo: Stable
Virgo woman is very simple, reliable and practical. You really kind of stable boyfriend, because of your love and practicality. You always think of words before his utter and never say anything that could hurt your partner.

Libra: Model
Libra woman very romantic, idealistic and peacemaker. You should be role models for any woman who has a partner. You are strong willed and brave, you never say bad things about other people. You also really know how to plan a perfect date night. Even though you know what you want in life, you keep asking the opinion of your partner.

Scorpio: Unforgettable
You are a strong woman and has a magnetic power. You are kind of boyfriend unforgettable. Your spouse is magnetically attracted to you. You treat your partner, like the most important person in the world.

Sagittarius: Communicative
Very optimistic, honest, and intellectual. You are full of adventure boyfriend makes things better for your presence. If you and your spouse had a disagreement, you always know how it ends. And the most important thing for you is when you love each other, then the dispute will not change your love to your partner.

Capricorn: Classical
Idealistic, ambitious and disciplined. You know the purpose in life and it inspires your partner.
You always serious in a relationship, and like to talk about and plan for the future with a partner.

Aquarius: The Girl Next Door
Aquarius woman is very friendly, loyal and independent. You know how to have fun and always make your partner feel special. People like you and your personality is always faithful to your partner. You may occasionally flirtatious to others, but you know your heart is owned by whom.

Pisces: Lovers
Sensitive, selfless and loving. Zodiac Pisces know how to love like a queen. Examples of such small enjoy the small moments as a couple while lying in bed reading a book before bed or cook dinner together. You are very empathetic and always put your spouse as primary interest.